Bookings Open Monday morning, 2 July 2018 at 09:00

 Beautiful and sexy furry friends, let's strip. Let's strip down to the bear minimum... This will be the redirected approach for BEARFEST 2018.


Your concerns have been heard. Bears want to hang out and have a good time at an annual event of their own but life in SA has become expensive in the past few months. Thus BEARFEST 2018 will be redesigned to be more affordable and easier to attend without sacrificing the comfortable and luxury accommodation many are hoping for.


What do we really need to have a great time together? Friends, drinks, a pool to cool down in, good food, a decent room and cozy bed to "sleep" in... There will be music, there will be games, there will be Mr BEARFEST 2019. Optional activities at your own expense for those who appreciate wildlife.


So let's go back to basics (but in a luxury room with en-suite bathroom) and let's make BEARFEST SA grrreat again. Keep an eye out for more details of the redirected BEARFEST 2018, venue photos, dates and restructured pricing.